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Welcome to the CIS Software Secret Page reserved specially for clients of  This page is not part of our website's menu system so if you link to any other pages you would have to use the original link provided by to return to this page. That link is If you click this link it will open the page in another browser tab and you can then browse through our other pages keeping this page open :). 

So what makes this page so secret?

Photo by shutteratakan/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by shutteratakan/iStock / Getty Images

The Savings! Yes, that's right. 22000-Tools has negotiated a nice discount for their clients that can be applied to both the CIS Software initial start-up and to the monthly or yearly fees. To date no other clients will receive such a discount which makes this offer so special, thanks to

Here is how it works. You contact our sales people for a demo and to receive further information about how CIS Software can help better your organization. In the meantime, here is a quick overview (really quick). When you are ready to start using CIS Software you may use the codes below to receive an immediate discount from our pricing (USD).

Start-Up Discount Code = 22000-Start-Me-Up: This code provides you with a $ 600.00 discount

Monthly Discount Code = 22000-Lower-My-Payments: This code reduces your monthly payments by $ 50.00/Month (an additional $ 600.00/Year).

Ya sure, anyone can promise discounts without stating the actual cost, right? Sales is all about smoke and mirrors. Not in this case. First, the typical sign-up cost for CIS Software 2018 is $ 6,000.00 ($ 1,000.00 more than the upgrade cost as shown in our store (click here).

Our typical monthly fee that includes help, storage of all your data, files and videos, back-ups and support is typically $ 385.00/Month.

No smoke and mirrors, just TIME TO SAVE!

Wait! the word typical was used. What does this mean?

It means a typical organization using CIS at one or a small group of companies. A non typical CIS would be an organization that would like CIS in all of their companies but have restrictions on what each company can see or do. Additionally, a non-typical CIS would involve upfront customization or integration with existing systems. However, with all that, a Typical CIS is sold 99 percent of the time because CIS is so easy to use and modify to meet your needs there is not many scenarios where our programmers need to get involved.

Step 1 - Contact Our Sales

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