CIS Continuous Improvement Software

What is included with CIS Continuous Improvement Software? That is the million dollar question. CIS is delivered on-line and includes a core group of modules. These modules (listed Below) were developed and fine tuned over the last ten years. However CIS includes database management tools that allows the user to build more tables and edit existing tables in CIS Software. This ability allows the users to modify and create unique applications to suit their specific needs and NOT have to change their systems to fit in a existing software box.  So everything you need is in fact included. 

5- Minute Quick View of CIS Software

For example, if you require a HACCP Food Safety database to manage your HACCP program you can create and integrate this into your existing CIS in a day or two. In fact, we include the development of two new modules as part of our training and often clients will use this opportunity to develop a HACCP Food Safety Module, Recall Module and more.  In the case of HACCP for example, we prefer to create this module with the client so that it matches their system in their industry as they apply it presently (with improvements if desired).

CIS comes with the following modules (integrated applications) but the customer may add as many additional database solutions as they can imagine.

  • Electronic Document Management and Approval Module
  • Nonconformity Module
  • Customer Feedback Module
  • Corrective Action Module
  • Risk Analysis and Evaluation Module
  • Food Safety and HACCP Module
  • Incident/Accident Reporting for OSHA
  • Management Meetings, Planning, Agendas and Action Items Module
  • Auditing Module
  • Calibration Module
  • Repair and Maintenance Module
  • Work Order Module
  • Vendor Management Module
  • Inventory management ( Job Release, kitting and Pick Tickets) Module
  • Human Resource and Training Module
  • Receiving, In-Process and Final Inspection Module
  • Customer Supplied Product Management Module
  • Manager Action Items Report Module
  • Customer Special Requirements Module
  • Sales and Marketing Module
  • Master Calendar of Events and Actions Due Module
  • Individual User's Home Page
  • Reports and Graphs
  • FAQ
  • Complete Help Videos and Manual
  • Complete built in Database management and creation tools including:
    • Page/Menu Management
    • Permissions
    • User Tables
    • User Types
    • Table Management and Creation
    • Field Management and creation
    • Data Type Management
    • Edit and Insert Form management and Creation
    • Report Form Management
    • User Control Management
    • Portal Creation and Management
    • and much more...