CIS Training Seminar and ISO9001/2015 plus AS9100D

CIS Software Advanced Training - Unlocking the Secrets | Overview Seminar of the New AS9100D/ISO 9001:2015 Standard | Internal Process Auditing

DATE: MAY 15-17, 2017

Take Control!

Take control of your Quality Management System Upgrades to the new 2015 standard and learn to completely revise, create and benefit from all of the new programming features available in CIS Continuous Improvement Software. Learn to create custom solutions to meet and exceed your challenges and expectations. Click Here to see what some of our customers have added to their systems.

Learn to create portals, multiple user controls to drive processes electronically and unleash the power of CIS Software!

TQMS Offering 1-Week CIS Development Special

TQMS is offering to visit your company for a complete week to help you create new databases, revise fields and to customize your system. They have a sale and special price. Visit them at for more details.

It is an excellent opportunity to:

  • Revise the e-mail and printing forms to be user specific and friendly
  • Revise field names and data types. Add new fields to existing databases and hide fields that are not used
  • Create new databases to eliminate rogue spread sheets and forms that are used so that the system is totally integrated
  • Create a customer portal for customer feed back and/or job release
  • Create specific inspection databases such as cleanliness, walk through inspections, safety and more.

Cupp's Industrial Supply Streamless Process

"Cupp’s Industrial Supply (CIS) implemented ISO 9001/ AS9100 certification more than two years ago with the help of consultant Bretta Kelly, owner of BMSC. Despite the prevailing perception that ISO certification results in increased processes and documentation, CIS reduced their documentation by approximately 50%!"  Click Here to Read More