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CIS Continuous Improvement Software

CIS Continuous Improvement Software



There are a couple of ways that we price CIS Software including

  • Initial Set-Up Cost (Purchase Price)
  • Training Cost (if required)
  • Monthly licensing including support and storage including back-up and security of your documents and data.

CIS Software can be installed on a customer's server if required.

We do not charge a seat fee (quantity of users that can simultaneously log on) since we strongly believe that for a management and quality system to be successful that everyone in the organization should have access to it.

In addition to the above we also offer add-ons to CIS software that includes certain advance programming such as scripting that may be required when you build your own tables.  However this is the advantage that CIS programming tools offer. For example, to build a system for design unique to your requirements may cost well over $ 20,000.00 for programmers.

However, with CIS Software you can build these systems including the databases, input forms, edit forms and portals yourself. After it is all completed you may want to have certain data automatically inserted into another table upon saving a record. This would enhance the user interface of your new design module. This requires scripting and our programmers intervention. However that is a small specific job that may cost only $ 300.00 (a far cry from $ 20,000.00) and you will have a complete module that works for you! You can see the costs of some of our add-on features in our store since most of our customers order them online.

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