Every company has a challenge and at CIS we have the solutions. They may not be part of the package as you receive CIS but because you can create anything you need in CIS it is only a matter of time before CIS grows into one fully integrated software solution created specifically for your organization by you.


Are your documents out of control? Is your training material on Bob's computer with some on Jill's while you hope that all of them are current on the server? Did an auditor find obsolete documents or forms on the plant floor? Is your approval process out of control? What about back up?

CIS provides one integrated document management and approval process for all departments and employees. All documents are always current, backed up and available online from anywhere in the world. You can even share some or all of these documents with some or all of your suppliers or customers. In CIS, videos and pictures can also be managed in document management.


Managing a training system to ensure that each employee is properly trained immediately when they are hired and at periodic intervals throughout their tenure is challenging. Having the proper plan and then following up with all the records is time consuming and often overwhelming.

Once the HR Module of CIS is set-up with all of your employee positions cross referenced with the required training for each position, CIS then takes over. CIS automatically plans and schedules training's based on triggers such as a new hire or position change. Furthermore, CIS advises the trainer and trainee of their schedule by e-mail and on a master calendar. CIS maintains all of the training records and the costs of each training. Complete competency reports can be displayed or printed anytime. CIS also has a performance review and recall system included as well as a human resource database.

Quality and Food Safety Management

ISO 9001:2015, AS 9100, Food Safety, Environmental and Security regulatory requirements can weigh a company down. Often each system was created separately and the result is numerous forms, spreadsheets, access databases throughout the organization. The fear of how they system would continue if the key designer leaves is always present.

CIS Software started as a solution for regulatory requirements in 1999. It includes a fully integrated system for Nonconformity, Customer Feedback, Corrective Action, Inspection and Testing, Risk Analysis, Auditing, and more. Furthermore, you can create new tables and databases that are fully integrated into CIS. One by one you can eliminate rogue spreadsheets, databases and forms throughout your company and build them into one fully integrated company solution.

The end result is that all of your information is in one place, backed up and secure. You will be able to manage by transparency.