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Solutions Videos

CIS Quick Overview Video

This video is a quick overview tour of the various modules and tools available in CIS Software.

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The following Videos Are Coming Soon - On/Or Before March 10th, 2018. Check Back Frequently.



1 - Accident and Incident Reporting Solution

The challenge was to reduce numerous forms that needed to be completed on the floor after an accident or incident including employee description of the accident, supervisor's investigation, manager's root cause and preventive action and executive management's final comments and decisions. Additionally, the results had to be summarized in detail on OSHA's forms. 

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2 - 3-PL Warehouses with Multiple Locations

Implementing a system to manage the quality and regulatory requirements across multiple warehouse locations in different states or countries can be a challenge. Each location or groups of locations may have specific industry regulatory, quality and customer requirements. CIS has a solution that is simple, affordable and can be accessed worldwide!

3 - Training Solutions

Managing training in an organization can be challenging. Assuring that all new employees receive the proper training and that when employees change positions that their training requirements are updated and that additional training is scheduled. Furthermore, entering the training data into each employee's files and printing certificates can be time consuming. Often training becomes an issue during audits. CIS customers do not have to worry about training. The solution is within CIS Software.

4 - ERP Versus CIS Software

CIS Software works well with an ERP system and can be integrated together when needed. If you have an ERP system, CIS is a great addition and if you are using CIS, talk to us about how we can help enhance your CIS System to include many features of the most expensive ERP systems.

5 - RMA Solution in CIS Software

The challenge here was to modify CIS to include a complete SCAR system within the RMA system including a link to the accounting system to issue credit notes.

6 - Simply Simple

This little demonstration shows how simple and quick it is to create additional process databases and portals into your existing CIS System. We always thought that CIS was perfect as it is but our customers continually prove us wrong by addition the most ingenious systems, tables and forms into their systems at no extra cost to them.

7 - Management Meetings

Organizing meetings and the follow-up process to ensure that all action items are completed is a task that can cost an organization quite a bit of money. CIS simplifies this process and ensures that all action items are completed. CIS manages by transparency. 

8 - Reports and Graphs

CIS ensures that all managers have current and accurate information at their finger tips in order to make sound business decisions. 

9 - Process Improvement and Objectives

CIS provides a quick and simple system to track improvement.