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  1. CIS Continuous Improvement Software is a WEB-BASED APPLICATION that is hosted in the cloud that may also be hosted on a company server (additional costs). We have the following capabilities
    1. Native/Desktop Application: Locally installed and database also on local server
    2. Web Application: Hosted on cloud, installed on cloud, database on cloud
    3. Cloud Application: Locally installed and the database is maintained  locally as well as on the cloud so CIS can run offline and when a device goes online, it synch the database with the cloud version. Like outlook. (This option is very expensive)
  2. CIS is written on Windows Operating System using ASP.NET technology and the databases are MS SQL Server based.
  3. CIS has the capability to export data (EDI) to excel spread sheets. CIS does not include API as received in the package but we can provide customer specific API and EDI capabilities based on the customer's specific requirements. This would be an add-on to the standard CIS Package and is quoted separately based on the extend of the specifications. 
  4. We can support ETL but again this would be a customer specific add-on and would be quoted separately.
  5. CIS comes with many reports and graphs that can be further customized. All data in CIS can be sorted, queried and the queried sort can be exported to an excel spreadsheet. Additionally, our programmers can add any report, key performance indicator charts or graphs to meet customer needs at an additional cost. We also offer at no fee a daily, weekly or monthly transfer of all data to the customer's IP address whereby the customer may use a third party reporting system such as Crystal Reports.
  6. Security and Cloud - See Data Security.
  7. We perform periodic database maintenance to keep all of CIS running fast and that it is always responsive. 

Further FAQs asked by our clients:

Can login / authentication be against two data sets (one for employees, one for temp labor)?

Yes. Through user controls we provide different levels of access for different users/user types.
For example you can set up a user type "1-day labor" and another user type "returning labor" each with different access and authorities. You can have individual users (separate employees) or similar users (Incoming Inspection Warehouse 1 group).

Can application be fully hosted within our company? Can the system be installed on our local servers?

Yes. This requires you to assume responsibility for system availability, backup, latest Windows updates, email, etc. We would need access to your system to provide support and CIS updates when available. Access can be time limited as agreed between our programmers and your IT professionals.
We suggest the initial application be installed on our servers for 6 months (when most of the customizations are typically programmed) and then transferred when the system is completed to your specific needs. This allows us to have instant access during the six months start-up to help you.

How often do you release new version of the system?  Will customization be done by us?

CIS allows the user to develop new apps and modify existing ones. Therefore, customers revise their system on an on-going basis by developing new and improved apps. Periodically CIS offers to the clients interesting apps that they may want to include in their own system. But because each system becomes customer unique, there are no general updates to CIS.

Does application stand alone or require another application as a backbone (ie: SharePoint)

CIS is a Web-Based Standalone system but can certainly be linked real-time with SharePoint if desired.

Describe the management of User Permission Levels (Author/Superuser/Reader/etc.).  Confirm ability to have more than one system administrator and many superusers

CIS offers the ability to create multiple user-types. Permissions to view each page can be set by User-Types and each user control for each page can be set for user permissions (edit, add, copy, delete) by User Type. For example, an inspector may log into CIS and only see two modules; Nonconformity and Inspection. The inspector would have no idea that other modules in CIS exist. A manager may see all modules but pending the manager’s user type he/she may only be able to view certain records and not edit or delete them. Multiple system administrators based on user-types is possible.

Describe differentiating capabilities as a Document Repository and managing revision control

CIS offers a complete electronic document management system that includes:

  • Approval of document management
  • Can add documents starting at selected revision levels, i.e. rev. 3, 4 or 7
  • CIS maintains document revision after document is approved and for future revisions
  • Copying and moving documents while maintaining revision status
  • Creating multiple folder levels. For example, Procedures/Operations/Welding
  • Set permission to view folders by users
  • Document history records
  • Can upload multiple documents
  • Complete document report listing current and obsolete documents
  • Search capabilities.

Describe Search capabilities and ability to search content of attachments as well as page content.

Documents may be searched by title and/or description including key search words. Page content search may be added at additional fees and is dependent on the document types being uploaded into CIS.

Describe process for managing "required reading" and confirmation user accessed the content / report of users not accessing content

In CIS we normally handle this issue by assigning training to groups of employees or affected individual employees when a new requirement is issued that requires documented training. We feel that having a system that requires an employee to click on a document to confirm that they have read it does not necessarily mean that the employee has understood the revisions. 

Describe process for content "expiration" or setting parameters for regular review by Author or Approver

In CIS, one can set periodic reviews of the documentation by setting up internals audits. However, we believe that the review of the applicable documents should take place during each process audit to ensure that the documents are still effective and reflect current processes. Having documents expire in your system can be a dangerous precedent, especially if they happen to expire the day of an ISO/AS 9100 audits.

Describe process for managing Change Notification – notification of users or groups of users, method.

CIS offers many options depending on the types of changes. For example, one can select managers or groups of managers to be advised when procedures are changed. In special requirements, one can select customers, suppliers, and CIS users to be advised when revisions are made. In individual modules, managers and users can be copied on any change or revision.

What skill level is needed to create / edit customized pages, task lists, workflows, and customized forms - can a regular user be trained, or IT developer skill set required

We have many customers who completely program and revise their system after our three-day training. Most have had no prior database or programming education other than Word and Excel.

Is application able to pull live data in from other applications (i.e.: ZOHO / Sales Cloud / SharePoint) and display summaries or graphical representation or access to linked application data or attachments.

CIS can easily send data to another application buy use of exported spreadsheet tables and/or daily back-up to your specified FTP Server. However, CIS already contains many reports, graphs and KPIs that use data within CIS that may suit your needs. Having data sent to CIS would require add programming input based on your specific needs. A custom quotation will be required.

What version of SharePoint or Crystal Reporting is your tool compatible with?

All versions to our knowledge.

Describe process for data backup and restore

CIS has a back-up system that allows the customer to send files and data to their specified FTP server.

In addition to the annual license fee, what other costs do we need to budget to cover - on-going consultancy, on-going development, etc.

As described in our sales video, most of the development can be performed in-house by your personnel. However, there are some features that may require our programmers intervention, but normally these fees are minimal compared to our competitors. Examples of these fees are on our website at: 

Have any of your existing Customers deployed the solution on touch screen kiosks, please describe

Since CIS is a web-based application, any touch device that uses a browser will work. For example, I-Pad, Tablet or Smart Phone.

What language is the software developed in?

CIS is based on English however the customer may easily translate the complete system or parts of the system to meet their needs. For example, certain input forms may be in Spanish or Chinese. Additionally the complete CIS may be translated into another language.

Hope this helps but if you still have a question....

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